Service Announcment

New 24×7 Call Center Coming Soon!

At we’re always striving to provide excellence in customer support.

Because nothing’s worse than an internet outage at 5:01 PM on a Friday night, we’ve recently added weekend on-call support.

To further enhance the support experience, we are currently in the process of implementing a 24×7, US-based call center, dedicated exclusively to our internet customers.  This will give you the ability to report outages, inquire about new service, and pay your bill over the phone – even at 2am on Sunday, if you want.

To this end, we do ask that you use 361-771-4444 as your single point-of-contact for  This will ensure your calls get routed properly and you get the fastest service possible.  Rest assured, we still believe in the personal touch, and during the day Kim and Nancy will still be answering the phones at that number – no changes there.

We thank you all for your continued patronage, and look forward to serving you now and in the future.

The Management Team