Service Announcment

Call Center is Now Live!

Our new 24 hour U.S.-based call center went live this past weekend.

Remember for the fastest service, please call 361-771-4444 for support and questions related to

Kim and Nancy will continue to be the first-line support and will answer the phones at that number during business hours, however we’ve set the phone system to roll-over to the call center if everyone’s on the phone, in a meeting, etc.  Our philosophy is we want to be sure you always talk to a real, live person who will take ownership of the issue any time you call.

The call center can take trouble calls & route them to our technical folks to fix the issue, take payments (even at 2am on Sunday if that is what works for you), and collect information for our sales team for members inquiring about new service.

Be sure to come see us at the Annual Meeting on May 18 and pick up a handy fridge magnet!